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Study Champs provides tutoring classes for Kindergarten to Year 8 students and we are located at a convenient location in Rosehill, close to Parramatta and Harris Park. We take pride in our education philosophy of “Learn Practice Achieve”. The educational philosophy of Study Champs is based on the belief that every student is different and needs different level of attention, coaching and study material.

What happens in the first class?

First class is free and should be pre-booked with the teacher. In our first class we spend time getting to know your child and provide opportunity to the child to understand us better. Introduction is usually followed by short discussion and our unique assessment of your child. This whole process helps us understand the strengths and weaknesses of your child and enables us to personalise the study material and tutoring experience.

How we develop student confidence?

We develop student confidence by helping them understand the concepts. Personalised approach, regular practice and revision, homework book and online kid zone for advanced revision help children learn faster.

How is tutoring personalised?

Our unique assessment process helps us understand your child’s strengths and weaknesses. Based on which we personalise your child’s study material and monthly progress is tracked based on which the study material and lesson plans are continuously aligned to ensure that it a complete personalised tutoring experience for your child.

Which subjects we teach?

Our teaching program is designed to develop the skills of students in Literacy and Numeracy. The literacy study module includes English, Spelling, Vocabulary, Reading Skills, Reading Comprehension, Writing Texts and Language Convention. The numeracy study module comprises of Mathematics and Mental Math. The material covers a variety of challenging questions.

We also provide separate classes for the preparation of NAPLAN, Opportunity Class Test and Selective School Test.

How we assess and track results?

Our assessment process starts from the very first day when we get to know your child and continues on a monthly basis. Assessments are based on monthly tests which covers the syllabus covered in the last month, six monthly revision test and final exam at the end of year. A detailed progress report is prepared including average results and your child’s performance is recorded. These results are compared and tracked to help you understand your child’s progress.

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